Speech Coaching

A presentation to the Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Network, April 2018, on communications skills

Speaking in public is worse than having your teeth pulled, according to a radio presenter! If you share her fears, or just need to brush up your speaking skills, Sea Shell Communications has developed programmes suitable for individuals or groups.

One-to-one sessions: Starting with a 1-2 hour private discussion to identify fears and issues about public speaking, and look at previous achievements and future aspirations. Includes a practical exercise and feedback; and action points. Followed up by individual sessions on aspects identified in initial discussion.

Half day workshops on Speaking Successfully in Public: Three workshops over three months for up to six employees, concentrating on content and delivery, with practical exercises and feedback.

Appraisal of a prepared speech, with feedback on content and delivery.

Cathy can be booked for cruises through the Peel Agency and Cruise Ship Enrichment. For bookings from groups such as WIs, sailing clubs, and social organisations please get in touch direct.